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the January Cure

I made this mix for January, a month which often brings forth the most lamenting from me, a month which is such a struggle because of the grey and the mush and the lack of sun. Even though it has quietly become February, I figured this mix still applies, as it is currently 24 degrees and snowing in Boston. But it will get sunny some day, the snow will melt, even if not until March. So like January, though this mix starts melancholy, it turns around.

some track notes:

“The Big Game is Every Night” – Jason Molina / Songs: Ohia / Magnolia Electric Co.  : just released at the end of 2013 as part of a 10th Anniversary re-release of The Magnolia Electric Co. album. This track was never released but was recorded during the Magnolia sessions, and is quickly becoming a favorite in my Molina rotation. Warning: it’s a silent killer, with zinger lines like “The last thing I see/ Let it be me helping/ Honestly, let it be me working/ On being a better me.” more info about the record and activities surrounding its release herehere

“Mr Big Stuff” – remix by Dart DJ : I read about these guys on esb. You can download FREE awesome party mixes on their soundcloud!

“Seized” – Floating Action : Though the music of Seth Kauffman often feels warmer to me, this song has a crispness to it that makes it more late winter than his usual. 

“Neighbor” – Band of Horses : my favorite from the forthcoming Acoustic at the Ryman lp, “Neighbor” exemplifies how strong Band of Horses can be with just harmony and simple, stripped down instrumentation. The whole record feels like a mix between Church and a living-room session, and it’s only for the occasional crowd cheering that brings you back to the whole “live-record” thing. (Band of Horses will be on a sold-out acoustic tour this Spring)

“Make You Feel My Love” – My Brightest Diamond : the most recent in a long line of covers of this song is delicate and lovely. Past renditions of Bob Dylan’s original include Adele, Billy Joel, Prince, Garth Brooks, Joan Osborne and Jeremy Irons (yes, the actor), to name a few.

While Boston is covered in several inches of the fluffiest, powderiest snow, R and I make a fort on the living room floor and celebrate this snow day by snoozing and watching Amélie.

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joshua tree, april 2013


double exposure - holga - joshua tree - 2013double exposure – holga – kodak 400 ISO 120mm – joshua tree – april 2013

(my sweet man just got me a new negative scanner, and i am so excited I can hardly stand it. thank you, ryan)


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skull found at dead horse bay


This is a little teaser of the pictures I took at Dead Horse Bay while in NY a few weeks ago. But Also: does anyone know what kind of skull this is? I cleaned out all the leftover tissue and soft matter, and bleached it, and froze it to get rid of the bacteria, and it’s currently being dried by the sun on my fire escape. I’ll take proper pictures once I bring it inside but.. what IS it?

UPDATE: everyone on Instagram thinks it’s a baby deer.

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Salisbury Beach :: wish you were here (wish I was there)

70960003salisburybeachlydiaseesm20130728 70960004salisburybeachlydiaseesm20130728 70960005salisburybeachlydiaseesm20130728 70960006salisburybeachlydiaseesm20130728 70960007salisburybeachlydiaseesm20130728


List #2 – to be completed by Saturday August 3

LET IT BE KNOWN: I did, in fact, drop off three rolls of 120mm color film earlier this week and scan in all three of those rolls (the only undone items from the last list before Paris..)

1. Set up new scanner and scanning area of studio now to spend the next 398709348 hours scanning film!!! (7.29)

2. Take Paris film to Colortek done! And picked up and scanned! (7.29)

3. hand-process BW 4×5″

4. Figure out what to do with slides

5. buy more resin to finish cicada pieces

6. write: new thesis, proposal, etc.

7. POST pictures, writing, new list for next week!

8. since I got off brunch today, GO TO SOWA! done! that was easy!

9. Plan Cailin’s Bridal Shower and Bachelorette (papergoods &c done by Thurs.!) papergoods done by Tuesday! I am awesome. // invites mailed, RSVPs pouring in, menu in the works! (7.29)

10. think about ESB‘s housewarming suggestion does two friends and three bottles of prosecco count? (7.29)

11. plan out the three-month calendar… UGH. kind of done… At least wrt Ryan, work, and school. (7.29)


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